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Stealing Fire (Fire #2) - Angela Castle Hate rating an indie author badly but:

I like the first one enough. As I mentioned it was 'fun' and light. This installment I found myself highlighting the constant typos and grammar issues. I'm not the queen of grammar and I've forgotten a ton of grammar rules myself over the years but this book screamed for a good editor. The story while passable- felt very rushed because it wraps up Tamara's story. It's badly paced for Tamara's story because all of her 'falling in love' with Tuthal is just glossed over and only seen in the present and in retrospect. (Tuthal does have to win her back this book but that's just not the same, seeing as that wasn't really much of a struggle) Additionally, while I also laud the use of alternative types of heroines/background I kind found myself disliking Penny's story immensely. Abused doormat wife finds escape through alternative world and hunky king that sucks her toes- no thanks.
Because of all of this- I'd say read it if you really don't mind a ton of errors in text and a passable story. Too much of the plot was dished out vs developed.