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Promises To Keep - Janet Miller I suck at reviews but here it is:

This is one of the guilty pleasure items I've been speeding through for the past week. I did enjoy this little book but the more critical readers out there will find the book annoying if they do not subscribe to the any means to the HEA end practice.

This is a likeable book with a relatively likeable female protagonist and a very enjoyable male love interest. The sci fi factor/setting is fun if dystopian. My biggest critique of the story is that everything is very pat black and white. The humans are soooooo sketchy and the human males are just reprehensible users of women! The Gaian's as a race are really Mary Sue, no joke, the entire race of Gaians. Well, you see, Gaian men cannot rape, cannot even have sex without that all important "attachment" to a woman. Earth is a wasteland of commitment phobic males and dying natural life and pollution but Gaia is an oasis of conservation and perfect husbands.
Of course we all read this genre because we like to see the consummation of lust and love with pew pew pew lasers going off over the heads of our hero and heroine and aliens cheering in the background. I love the fantasy of a love story but the whole entire black and whiteness of humans vs Gaians was too black and white.
This, I think, is a mistake that SFR and romance authors commit all of the time by slandering human men and their flaws and making the male love interest who is usually alien or not from Earth to be ideal, perfect, masculine, sensitive and incapable of being 'real' person. Idk..it's just sometimes a bit much.
The ending was less than effective.