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Deadworld - Lorie O'Clare I spent all night reading this book because I couldn't get to sleep, my two youngest ones are sick and wanted me to rock them and tuck them into bed repeatedly. I needed something easy on my sleep deprived brain to pass the time and this was it...

Claire uses a simple, straight forward writing style that moves the plot forward briskly. I didn't like her name but I did rather enjoy our heroine, Syndi, because she is vulnerable, hopeful, yet cynical and strong. She made some annoying decisions but for the most part everything she did made sense on her terms.

Syndi lives in a post apocalyptic Earth after World War III where the people living topside on the planet suffer from an almost complete lack of water and a hidden world exists beneath where the Earth's oceans have retreated. Syndi finds a secret pond of water and discovers secret unknown things about herself and the world underneath and consequently the world above. She meets Tor- the only man that has ever aroused her completely upon sight and they have an immediate attraction. I know that a lot of readers take issue with romance that isn't built upon and sometimes that is a serious drag on a more romantic type of story- but their interactions and developing relationship made sense to me and seemed natural.

Tor is a powerfully built and dominating man to Syndi's fierce independence and I liked their slight struggles with each other on that front.

This has nice amounts of action, scheming, survivalist living and settings and sex.

Very enjoyable!

Bottom line:
Fun, survivalist, post apocalyptic romance with a sci fi twist.

The romance is very physical- both characters seem reluctant to admit to each other how much they are falling in love and I enjoyed that.