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The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1)

The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1) - Sabrina Chase When I finished this book, I screamed- OUT LOUD. This is why I have this shelved under "wtf-ending". My husband looked over and said "books are supposed to be private ok?" because I was apoplectic. This was last night.
So! The thing is, I love this book. The bad thing is- the ending is just a punch in the gut in that while it isn't technically a cliff hangar it just ..ends like having a movie end in the middle! Oh wait, it is like having a book end..before it is supposed to be ending.
I still love this book however.
Moira Cameron is the only survivor from her ship Bon Accord. Being the pilot she was burdened by her commander and lover to return back to Earth with information about their discovery, meanwhile her crew died so that she may do this. Obviously this information is terribly important that her entire crew would sacrifice their lives so she could make it back. Somehow- the usually minor adjustment they call "Einstein's revenge" that gives a 2 hour shift in time when exiting "web space" travel propels her 80 years in the future. Instead of NASA to report to- a huge nefarious corporation, Toren, exists and happens to be THE military contractor du jour.
Moira is essentially a fugitive from a tireless corporation that will do virtually anything to get to her. This is her story, she is sad as you can only imagine being isolated so far in the future and removed from everything she held dear, having so little real reason to live anymore but wanting to tell anyone that would can be responsible for the burden she carries.

This book is full of harrowing events, an ensemble cast of characters, touching scenes. Moira comes across as incredibly capable, very human and decent. She doesn't seem so much as an angel of Mary Sue so much as an intelligent determined woman that is struggling to survive against the Goliath.

I love, Ennis, poor poor Ennis! I love Alan, dear sweet Alan.

I am glad there is another book already available and I have already snatched it up. I looked online immediately after reading this because of the ending and felt a serious dose of relief that this is a TRILOGY.

This book actually made me cry :(. I love Moira and want to see how it all turns out!

(BTW: I'm writing this really quickly- I'm on vacation..I'll come back and edit if I have to :p )