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Raven's Children (Sequoyah, #2)

Raven's Children (Sequoyah, #2) - Sabrina Chase Yes!!!
I bought this book last night I think right off my finishing book #1 and I finished this today (reading on the beach- it is one of my top pleasures of life!).
Moira is in over her head but she's surrounded by golden loyalty. I am relieved that there wasn't any "you think everyone is loyal but NO hee hee there is this one character that hates your guts on your crew!" scenario going on.

Namur sends Ennis to Fuck-Up-Mothball station. Our poor Ennis and how my heart bleeds for him. He's tortured and haunted and depressed and he feels impotent. He goes through the ringer this book!

I love science fiction and I don't need any of my science fiction to be the most cutting edge perplexing stuff known to man for me to be entertained. I do like my science space opera fixes. This series gives me my fix so nicely. I've mainlined all kinds of "straight" sci fi my whole life and only discovered this thing called "futuristic science fiction romance" and other of it's ilk (that I enjoy immensely) these past few years. This series isn't but Chase still manages to input that human factor of attraction without it feeling gratuitous or forced or even making it the main star of this entire show. It made me happy to read this though! Oh yes, I waited for it at the edge of my towel dammit and I feel rewarded.

Alan is growing up even more and becoming a more fully realized person. A lot of the things (which I cannot mention considering it would be major spoiler land, sorry) that happen during this book make me wonder if it's even feasible that the Created are capable of becoming full fledged independent adults. That they deserve their freedom is obvious- but what has Toren done to them and will we ever really know?

This book has its share of heartbreak also. I never feel like Chase is just yanking the heartstrings for nothing though- I never feel when I'm reading this that it's just insert-tragedy for tears component.

Sequoia is revealed in full this book- but I have to say as much as it figures as the reason why Toren wants Moira Cameron- it doesn't. I know that in this universe (the series universe) there are few planets that are capable of supporting life and those planets are rare. But..but...I just wonder a bit about some of the ideas Moira has. She thinks she can defend the planet from Toren with some guns. I repeat- Some Guns. Her loyal crew, some other people that you'll find out about this book..but huh, really? Toren seems to outweigh her in every manner resource wise. She and her crew are swift, loyal and clever, but the odds are definitively stacked against them.

The ending of this book tore me up. I'm just a total sap. It was lovely and sad.

And I'll just admit it- after I finish this hastily written thing I'm going to BUY the ARC on her website because I'm desperate to know how it all ends.