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Blue Galaxy (Blue Universe # 1) - Diane Dooley Pleasant but not as fulfilling as I prefer:
This is a decent, quick story but leaves a bit to be desired IMO. The ending feels rushed- the 'twist' too twisty for my tastes. Predictability isn't always a fault if done properly and I feel like the author was stretching for a twist for this one. I've seen others review this and complain about the inability to enjoy it because the LI, Sola, seems so unlovable. Sola is indeed very unlovable by the end of the story and I wanted to throw the book against the wall when Jovan just sat back and took it. (trying not to get into too many spoilers here). In fact Jovan (if memory serves me correctly regarding the protagonists/hero name) is the the influence/pov that carries the story IMO. Weirdly but nicely the writing itself reminds me of Asimov (the Empire novels for example). It must be the writer has a very direct and basic style and tone.
So ultimately: it was a filler short novel stop gap sort of book. The hero was yummy, his lover much less so no matter how justifiable her foibles.