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The Roads of Taryn MacTavish (Lords of Arcadia, #3) - R. Lee Smith 4 Stars? 3.5 Stars? 3 Stars..This book varied between all of these ratings but in the end, I grant it the highest rating because, well, I'm writing this directly after finishing. When I hit a series that I enjoy so well it is hard for me to stop and write a telling thing or two to describe for any willing to listen to my perfunctory words- I just want to keep on reading to the next book until there is no more.

I'm about to purchase the next in this series (tonight!) and I'm kind of angry! This one had a serious cliff hanger if you ask me.
I've read four books by Smith in the past few days so I clearly enjoy her. But I'm noticing a trend..the woebegone woman that is practically traumatized beyond all reckoning because she creates a mountain out of a molehill. They cause so much fucking drama and torture themselves so much it makes you wonder why they haven't been put on suicide watch in an institution somewhere.

Smith introduces the siblings! So now we can see little sister Rhiannon (total chip on the shoulder and just fuming and lamenting like a 15 year old on her period) walking around bitching everyone out for caring one iota for the cloud of misery she drapes herself in. She is having supernaturally awful nightmares. Hides under tables and avoids food and makes horribly stupid attempts to say no to sex but then wanting sex but NOOOOO. The entire back story to her "trauma" is just ridiculous. These were the less than 3 star moments in the book. Almost every chapter about Rhiannon- at first I read through them diligently awaiting for the story behind the story to make me realize why she's such an idiot. Then it just never happens. So near the end I just didn't care at all if Antilles little bro wants to hit it up with Rhiannon and oh gosh they are having troubles! Arion should look elsewhere, his mom as much of a horrible person as his mother is- is kind of right. All the Farasai, I love the damned centaurs but they were as a race entirely more Mary Sue to annoyance. I would like to be inducted as a kinswoman right now- because they will put up with any bad day I have and if I feel like having a ten year slump I'm sure they will just give me sexual healing, some chess games, lots of food and tonics and pat me on my back and heal me. I kind of wished Rhiannon would get eaten by some rampaging Fellcats..or that stupid Kelpie. I don't care if her plot line even finishes up in the next book I swear I'm just going to skim her chapters.

Taryn: Ok so some say she's getting all saintly and magically makes things better. But she's fun. She is fun to follow around and see who she's going to fix next and how she's going to do it! She's a pioneer healing woman cum girlscout- what's the highest rank for girlscouts? Are there Eagle Girlscouts because whatever, she's like super Girl Scout + idk, queen of luscious amazing spiritual sex. And you know what? Great! She's not a damned whiner, she has down moments but she's a can do chick and I like that. When encountering vicious animal- stones and sticks will make you epic and she is. She discovers something truly interesting near the end of this book in this universe and I was excited about it. This entire series barely touches upon the Avalon connection but wow, there is a Planet of the Apes moment at the end that is really cool IMO. This kept the stars high on my rating.

The Satyrs:
A let down. Not much happened IMO and I just felt it was just another side mission/quest filler. If it had been a longer stay for Taryn and more well developed it would have been much better - but the Satyrs were truly disgusting in their habits and decades long campaign of vengeance against all humans and barely redeemable. Although Taryn being Taryn does everything in her ever loving heart to right their ways and forgive them since they make amends and attempts to turn around it just seems too easy and poorly developed.

The Lycans:

Generally tolerable supernatural race in this universe- very wolfish and extremely primitive and slightly interesting. I did enjoy seeing Taryn cope with her own doubts and having her Pollyanna attitude ripped out of her spirit a few times because this is realistic.

I wish we had more about the Sileni and what happened with Rhiannon.
I wish we had more the Lord Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want more of the Aerie domain now please.
I want to know more about the Romany that is now/man.
I wish that Taryn had another better sibling that could hook up with the Lord Dragon- or something. As it is I'm not looking forward to reading more damned Rhiannon. I hope she shoots herself and Taryn has to cope with the grief and ends up saving the universe by overcoming said grief by sleeping with Quiabe.
I want more Quiabe.
Poor Fuans! Poor Arkes!

Sex with gods-- give me more Smith!!!!

So I will swiftly purchase the last installment of this..knowing that I will be at least slightly disappointed. There is a climax building up and I can already tell there are too many tantalizing things that are going to be left unanswered.