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The Army of Mab (Lords of Arcadia, #4) - R. Lee Smith I have lost a lot of sleep this week reading this entire series and it ends well. This is the best book out of all four.

In my review from the last book I remarked that there were so many interesting loose ends that I wanted answered that surely we'd be left disappointed by the end of the series (this book) but I walk away feeling the ending was perfect.

More sex with gods (I really loved this about this series!), battles, interesting conversations and the glory of the MacTavish sisters. Horrible Earth soldiers invade Arcadia and Rhiannon and Taryn galvanize Arcadia to rally. Taryn heads to the Watchers Woods to unite the last piece of the Valley, Rhiannon remains behind in Kraal Recombe and digs deep to discover her purpose.

The biggest change in this book is Rhiannon- she is altogether far more tolerable and enjoyable and completely different than book 3. I could barely stand her when she complained her entire way through the last book but now she actually made me laugh and I respected her. Of course- you could argue that she is almost an entirely different person and I'd agree with you but I can accept that since she has changed and developed into less self pitying stuff.

I had a laundry list of things I wanted to see and I feel I got most of them and more, these are the things I loved about this:

-More sex with gods, I really really like Anubis and Quaibe (I keep on forgetting on how to spell that)

-More Lakaroth. He was clearly the most developed Lycan character aside from Kruin but the one that piques the most interest since book 3. I was extremely pleased to see his return here and his lurking about. I wish that [he could have a human mate, perhaps Rhiannon but honestly who the fuck would want to return to High Pack and live there? Mostly no one but another lycan LOL]

-One of my most favorite things is that some more negative consequences occur that impacts you emotionally as the reader like the very real consequence of Rhiannon and Taryn's separation from their family on Earth. I enjoy that this is explored and its the reality of living in alternative realm but it isn't glossed over like an inconsequential aspect of their having made the decision to stay in Arcadia.

-I enjoyed more time with the Lord Dragon. I wish there was more. And frankly I wish Taryn had to sleep with him and let him sire another of his kind but ah well she can't sleep with EVERY LORD in Arcadia for sacrifice can she? lol I want more dragons! These kind of dragons to be specific.

Things I did not enjoy:

-Aisling's presence is more thorough, he was barely around for book 3, but I feel like he was too mopey and baby like. Well he is only a 2 year old Gyrphen but still!

-The Cerosan royal family, well they're a bunch of typical nobles (and that isn't a compliment), I wanted to see more reaction between Arion and Antilles regarding developments but I guess there wasn't enough time to spend with them to see this. Antilles barely appears in this book and he's just a player.

-I wish there had been more about the Sileni. The mysterious unicorn people that ride massive black unicorns. I want MOAR.

I love this series- I wish that Smith created or creates a spin off of this universe!!! I also wish she'd get her act together on here (GR) and get an avatar- I'd "fan" her but it seems she's inactive. I'm definitely a fan now. This is fantasy with a lot of elements that I are harder to find- female heroine, romance and sex and awesome creatures and war.