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The Syn-En Solution - Linda Andrews The first couple of chapters of this book are rough to get through. I think I picked this book up drowsily (very late at night, I'm an insomniac) scanning descriptions on Amazon..saw the word Cyborg and clicked Hell Yes. I have a thing for cyborgs you see..and AI.

Moving on- I then needed some motivation so I looked up the description again and it gave me steam. I hadn't reached the part where the mystery human woman appears! The first chapter or so were just boring to me so I kept on going because I wanted to see what happened when Human Woman appeared.

Nell Stafford arrives inexplicably on the spaceship that Beijing York leads (he's the Sy-En fleet Admiral actually) and is discovered during a critical moment. The Sy-En ships are converging upon a wormhole- it is their mission to travel through and prepare a planet for human survival. Approaching this wormhole they find out quickly there is no conceivable way to travel through and they have been betrayed by the humans back on Earth. In this whirlwind of events, ships sacrificing themselves, a partial mutiny, Nell is awakened and thrust into play. As she is fully human she outranks all of the Sy-En and they are wary of her. She is clueless, yet she manages with intuition that she cannot understand to forge a trust between herself and Beijing and his crew.

The main issues I had with the book were the Star Trek, I don't know, bridge procedural? So if you like that a lot this won't be an issue with you. It just got to be a bit much at times. There is a heavy element of romance in this book and I'm happy and comfortable with that- I just felt that they hooked up far too fast given the circumstances. I enjoyed that the mystery of Nell Stafford was answered in a relatively believable science fiction manner- I was wondering if she was just going to be written off as just a magical appearance and in that way you are not left wondering. So points for that!

The ending felt a bit rushed and pat, but I DID love one of the last scenes between Nell and Beijing a lot. There is another a book 2 in this series but I won't be reading it. I am not skipping it because I didn't enjoy this but I just don't think I'll like the premise of book 2 as much as this one.

I would suggest this for those that read sci fi romance oriented books regularly- not hard core science fiction fans. I wouldn't suggest this for the standard romance reader because I think all of the world building will annoy you if you're not familiar and comfortable with a science fiction paradigm.

In conclusion: I definitely enjoyed this despite the hiccups and rushed seeming ending.