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Where the Deer Dwell - Dorothy Gravelle 2..maybe 2.75 stars?

Ok the premise of this book piqued my interest. The first third of the book in a very matter of fact manner gives us insight to Olivia's modern circumstances as a paralegal with an unrequited infatuation with her boss, Anthony. Then- stuff happens. She gets kidnapped and and they force her to travel back in time to prehistoric cave man times. I'm not going to look up the proper names for the epoch she traveled back to because the author didn't bother either. This book is likeable once Olivia arrives in prehistoric times- she struggles with her fear as I'd expect and THEN things take on a Clan of the Cave Bear turn and things go kind of FUBAR plot wise. I cannot even start explaining why without spoiling the last half of the book. Suffice it to say you might like this. You might not. (if I you like reading tons of weirdo time travel books like I do this might be your thing). I liked this book- I did not love it. One of my biggest pet peeves is that there were so many potential plot items introduced and left hanging. Like- Anthony? WTF happened to that? Huh? Yeah- I do not know.