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Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson #3) - Darynda Jones I enjoy reading about Charley and her adventures with Cookie and the hot steaming tease that is Reyes. This book was better than the other two installments because we're getting more information about what Charley really is- we know she's a Grim Reaper. But what else is she capable of? Reyes has been hinting at this since the last book I believe and although that isn't expounded upon in detail here- we do get to see where this whole train is headed toward.

[I don't know who this man is..he's a model for Dolce & Gabbana though and a close approximation of what I think Reyes might look like]
Do you get enough Reyes in this book? I'd say maybe- but he'll also piss you off, I know he pissed me off. I find this acceptable though because you know- he's the Son of Satan and all. He's bound to be at least a little tricky, somewhat dark, and not such a lovey dovey pansy right? Charley doesn't let you down. She's a woman in love but she's not a complete dunce. Amen to that.

Garrett: image [This is Wentworth Miller and who I imagine Garrett to be, I think he has enough intensity for Garrett's hard ass ways] I enjoyed Garrett so much more in this book than I ever have. Jones gives you many surprises and fun times with our lovely Garrett. While he's not a love interest, he is flirt worthy, protective and reliably straight laced and the straight man to Charley's quirk and Reyes' insidious beauty and scheming. I think I liked him almost..probably..it's hard for me to confess this, better than Reyes in this book!

The Plot and other Characters:
Fun case with sitcom (but better) humor. I guessed a lot of it before I was 2/3rds in the book. Not a big problem except the "clue" seemed to be blinking with a big sign above it "I'M THE MURDER WEAPON! BINGO!". Some readers might also get tired of Charley's flippancy. I didn't..it made me laugh a lot, but it might annoy some readers.

Mrs. Marigold: Sort of a letdown. Not a huge one but the scene could have been better and further embellished upon.

Cookie: She really needs to get laid. That is all.

The Guardian: Sweet, but I have mixed feelings.

This was a fast read..almost too fast. Of course I'm a fan and I couldn't wait to get through this but I feel like maybe the book should have been longer. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just too quick of a reader and I devoured this like chocolate laced with crack.

No cliffhanger but you will definitely feel like you are ready for the next book NOW YESTERDAY WRITE FASTER JONES NOW.

Bottom Line: If you like Charley and you've liked the other books, you will also like this a whole lot, read it.