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Hunted  - Evangeline Anderson 3.5 Golden Stars of Love, Adventure and Sexy Ridiculousness

(Read my warnings at the end of this if you're sensitive to particular sexual circumstances I'll put it under a spoiler tag)

In a world where the most harrowing and dangerous problems can be solved by tantric like sessions of oral sex and role playing games! I am going to hand it to Ms. Anderson- she knows how to build a world where we see absolute evidence that in fact sex is what makes the world go round and can actually rescue the universe too. She manages to weave tons of adventure and harrowing events with episodes of necessary groping, fondling, canoodling and dirty talk to get the mission done. I was reluctant to read this book (this is second in the Kindred Brides four book series, don't know if there will be more after that) because the idea of reading a full book of mousy, whiny, skittish Sophia was not enticing.
I was happily surprised:
Anderson manages to take the focus off the whip lash soap opera drama between Sylvan and Sophia to see how the other couples are managing to save the universe and solving problems in you know, the accepted Kindred ways.
We visit another planet..always a treat.
Zairn: he makes me want to read the next two books. He is the son of the Allfather. He is a spark of light in the dark misbegotten culture of the Scourge. And women that love romance cannot help but be called by the man who has been churned into hopelessness and emptiness by everything around him and spit out, who needs LOVE...yes!
So - I love that the enemies are called the "Scourge". It just makes my little sci fi fangirl twirl with happiness. Also the Allfather- he's one creepy enemy. Thank you Anderson for making it better than just a jealous alien dude for an enemy but an entire regime of psychos!
Also this book is long. Sometimes you don't want a book to drag on, but sometimes people write a very very short book and it's just a wham bam thank you maam. Anderson gives you a full realization of the many ways Sophia and Sylvan can avoid consummation.

Trigger warnings for those sensitive to certain sexual issues: Sexy borderline alpha Alien men with fated mates, human males look like petty scum compared to them. In this book Sophia faces her memories of being raped by her high school prom date. She relives this moment often. Additionally the Allfather,of course, wants to rape her and reap all of the emotional pain from that. Also, Sophia is afraid of needles and Sylvan's Blood Kindred fangs so she spends a decent amount of time obsessing about this the whole book, that was just annoying.