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Cupid's Enchantment (Naughty Cupid, #1) - Michelle M. Pillow Michelle M. Pillow usually writes "better" written erotica IMO but the heroine in this book annoyed the holy hell out of me. I realize she is supposed to be a 14th century woman and to that end, she's believably accurate in terms of her attitude encountering giant werewolves and even basic sex or male anatomy, but that doesn't make it less tiring. I guess what I Learned From This Book is that I should not read books with remotely accurate heroines from that time period. Too much moaning in shock, sighing and fear of anything considered tame these days :p.
The good: Cupid as a troll is a nice twist
The bad: Rhiannon is an annoying whiny wimp, although she does have moments of more backbone later on and in some scenes, I can't stand wimpy women.