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HeartFast - Linda Mooney This book is..strange. Ok firstly it took me a couple of weeks to read because of the weirdness. I started and stopped. Then I saw it in my reading queue on my phone (where I do most of my reading until I get my newer Kindle..so I can read at night) and I hate seeing unfinished books and thought "I should attempt this again!". Unless a book is murdering my soul or boring me so badly I'd rather clean I will finish it!

I liked this book because there are certain moments that are kind of nice, the relationship between Master Hunter/Udo and Starlight/Terrin is kind of amazing at times. I enjoyed the utter sensual romance moments actually. There was an issue of a bit of instalove- but I guess given they were co workers and friends for so long you can naturally explain that away. That occurs in real life often enough, so no issue there in my opinion.

The strangeness involves the general character of men vs women in this book I think. I felt really grossed out reading this because I feel like 1/3 or hell maybe even 2/3rds of the book revolved around how everyone thinks Starlight is a slut because she wears a really body conscious outfit because of her superhero work. I'm not joking. I'm serious. There are entire conversations about Starlight and how she's so beautiful and she has sex with the whole football team Guardians and everyone knows that about her DUH! Because look at her outfit! Naturally she's a HOBAG! Yeah! I find this disgusting. A lot of the male characters are disgustingly lascivious, slut shaming wanna be rapists and it just made me shudder. Well guess what? The answer, the saving grace of Starlight, is that she's a virgin. How dare people accuse her of being a slut when she's a pure pure pure virgin! It's just so gross. That part really ticked me off. I guess my feminism really kicked in- now I read all kinds of crazy erotic space trash- but the crowds of men leering at Starlight and just all the conversations and slut shaming just truly disgusted me. If you're sensitive you will feel offended I think. I'm not even remotely sensitive about almost any kind of erotica or romance scenario (except you know, CERTAIN THINGS) but generally I'm super tolerant. You like chains and whips? Why not! You prefer five men and one woman! Yay! You want tentacle sex with harpists playing with dildos? I would not bat one single eye. But these guys in this book really creeped me out. If I passed by a crowd of them in real life I'd be tempted to record them on my iPhone and post it on Youtube for feminists to tear apart. Ugh, now that I've wiped that ickiness off of my book reading soul..

This book reminds me of a Fantastic 4 movie. All the characters have superpowers, its completely space magic-ed up like a mofo. They can fly, the can emit incredible matter melting heat, absorb Starlight, blah blah. They all have monikers that reflect their superhero powers. Master Hunter seems majorly sexy for the most part but I know given a different angle/ reader he will just come across as a super stalker perhaps. He is incredibly romantic and I enjoyed him with Starlight, but there is ONE scene where gosh- I kind of wanted Starlight to give him the bird. And I don't mean the dove of peace.

And lest I forget- because of the weird dynamic between Starlight and ALL males in this book- and some of the word choices, I found myself double checking the publishing date repeatedly. I looked on Amazon a couple of times just to verify this in fact was written post 2000..in 2008 actually. The thing is- I thought it was written in 1959 or 1960 or something. I've read a lot of more classic sci fi from those eras, I'm not saying this qualifies as some sci fi classic status, I just mean the that issue between the sexes struck me as antiquated.

I liked this- the parts that I preferred- but the overall atmosphere of the war of the sexes thing going on in this world pissed me off and grossed me out.