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Entwined (Eternal Guardians, #2) - Elisabeth Naughton -SPOILERS-

First half of this book was slow. I should mention that I'm kind of biased against this installment of the series in general because I'm not fond of the "we used to be lovers and hate each others guts but lets get back together" plots.
Can I just say that the women of Argolea are the biggest wimps known to mankind? Isadora doesn't improve by much in this book and by the end you just want someone to ravage her so she can get over herself and for god sakes I wanted her to say SOMETHING, communicate somewhat what was going on in her head instead of just fuming rebellion and chopping her hair off. She's 200 FFS, you'd think after all those years she would have learned something or two. I was hoping Orpheus would be Isadora's LI but it looks like it will be *someone* else.
Also I think the author was incredibly lame a la the ending. Ending of the book was horrible slide into home base for the HEA.