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The Goblin King - Shona Husk 3.5 Stars! (GR you really need to add the half star if you're going to have such a short range for rating!)

This book is like the amber beads so oft mentioned throughout- it feels like only a short moment captured. You will spend your time in this book within the Heroine and Hero's minds cycling through The Big Dilemma. This can be at times repetitive but Husk does manage to make me understand the desperate passion between the characters. The major points subtracted from this book: it could have all been shorter and less hand wringing worthy if some more in depth conversations happened. Yes, they talked, they went back and forth, they longed silently. I guess when you fall in love- and oh hell when you're in the midst of a relationship you keep a whole hunk of it hidden and yeah that does really happen.

Bottom Line:
- I was skeptical but the story did draw me in
- Don't read this if you despise wimpy characters, the heroine is almost whiny regarding all of her bad choices, I didn't enjoy that aspect
- I will read the next installment out in 2012, I DID enjoy this. It was written nicely but just had some minor issues that prevented me from LOVING it, but otherwise a good short read.