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Below - Kaitlyn O'Connor 4 Shiny Stars:
This is a short and there are some major flaws to this book but overall I enjoyed it a lot. This stands out from O'Connor's other books which are typically less on the sci fi and heavy on the 'romance'. Typically O'Connor writes what I would deem a futuristic touch of sci fi survival romance stories. This particular book is more science fiction/suspense with romance.
This book isn't for you if:
-You're heavily invested in thorough world building
-You prefer your sci/fi romance books to weigh heavier on the romance side
- OR: You would find man eating jellyfish/manta ray aliens too tame after all of the suspense, I thought it was fine, it wasn't a let down in terms of 'wow this isn't scary enough'...

My major issue with the book was that it was too short. Although I am not a glutton for books upon books of world building before plot kicks in, I do think this book will benefit from more description of their environment.

This book is for you if you like firm HEA's, and mermen.