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Moondust and Madness - Janelle Taylor Usually I wouldn't dare to write a review before I finish a book completely but I don't even know if I'll manage to finish this one.EDITED: I finished this and bumped it up to 2 stars

This book sucks frankly.

For those of you that nitpick about grammar and spelling/typos, I unconsciously noticed about three typos. Other than that this book is sufficient if that's your major criterion for a book's worthiness.

First half of the book is lame and the last third of the book is far better.

...Rich Scientist Barbie Slave and her Rogue Ken Doll Space Commander Master

This story takes place in circa 1980's:
The Heroine is a textbook Mary Sue. Jana is more beautiful than beautiful, Snow White's stepmother wouldn't haven't bothered with a curse and would have outright murdered Jana for being too beautiful. Jana is referred to as a...prize, a gem, a dainty creature, fill in superlative here more times than I took a breath while reading most of this book.
She is a super genius medical researcher who hails from Texas, an only child and heiress to a billion dollar fortune who happened to have donated a huge chunk to some needy children and a virgin at age 24 on top of all of that. Did you read that? She went through accelerated years of school to become a top medical researcher, is beyond beautiful, is an heiress and a virgin at age 24. MMkay. Her name should be Rich Scientist Barbie.

Meanwhile, in space, despite that in the 1980's data was not uniformly available via any digital manner the valiant space kidnappers have somehow narrowed down which chattel they want to cherry pick off of poor backwards Earth. This of course includes the prize of all prizes, Rich Scientist Slave Barbie.

If you dare to read this book you will get your fill up to your eyeballs of descriptions of how genteel, charming, wonderful, innocent, intelligent, inquisitive and perfect Rich Scientist Slave Barbie is. What a mate she'll make for some lucky male who purchases such a beautiful alien! But remember, she's just a slave even if she is a formerly Rich Scientist Barbie, so she can't marry. Also note that the gallant handsome aliens that abducted these women feel guilty for doing so. That makes it all right amiright? As long as a man feels guilty for kidnapping, note to self, I'll feel free to pity his internal dilemmas for having to go through with such an act for such great reasons. Wait. There..isn't..a real..reason.

The story blithely says 'we don't have enough women and this is an accepted custom and you will be cherished'!. ..

I am not a super sensitive reader or a prude, I've read plenty of books with this premise (alien kidnaps Earthlings for mating or slavery or whatever)that managed to pull it off. I just found myself getting seriously pissed off at Varian and his cohorts through the majority of the book. I think it infuriated me ever more because Jana's character had very limited and minor reactions to the idea of being sold as far as I'm concerned. She was far too docile of a victim. Naturally if a person is in a situation where the people around you hold the power of life and death you can't afford to cause a one woman riot, but her internal dialogue/attitude seemed far too accommodating given her circumstances and the supposed promise of her genius mind and former life.
The villains are the type that cackle and talk and expose themselves. I absolutely give brownies to the author on Ryker, however! He is a worthy foe and good all the to the end, smart and wily. The twist at the end also bumped this up one star for me. The major issue: you have to wade through a lot of empty buffer to get to the end of the road to the 'good stuff'. I'd say the twists and turns in this book remind me of a soap opera. Lots of grand schemes and machinations and fake deaths etc.

And in conclusion! If you like your exclamation points to have a strong presence in your books you are in luck! This is the book for you! There are probably at least five of them or more on each page!!!!!