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Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires #5) - Chloe Neill On my phone in bed more thoughts tomorrow
My readers heart has been broken since the last book.
The book felt too short and the plot was a cop out :[
I will not deny that I adored a revisit to Chicagoland and Merits soulful but practical POV but I think as nicely written this is the author kind of phoned this one in.

Actual Review Now That I Have a Few Spare Minutes While Breakfast Cools Off For My Kids:

I'll start by saying I love this series. Otherwise I wouldn't have read up this this installment right? Not really, occasionally I'll find myself following a meh series because I want the damned payoff, the coup, the HEA, the resolving of multiple threads of crappy intrigue. This is not the case with Drink Deep or Merit's life. I truly enjoy this series and have been looking forward to this book like a fool.

Almost anyone that loves this series will love this book. Neill is trying to reward her fans. You want the summary or plot, read the other bazillion reviews.

I am not trying to be a snarky nit picking bitch but I was disappointed with this book.

Here's my take:

The pacing is all wrong. The first half of the book kind of drags, you'll still enjoy it as a diehard fan because Neill is a good writer but very little happening as far as I'm concerned. Also the conclusions Merit comes up with amount to "Yeah they didn't do it is my hunch". That is plausible. It is something you'd expect people to engage in when interviewing numerous links to a mystery- the use of gut instinct. When it ends up happening the same way several times in a row it just seems like a plain lazy story speed bump.

The last quarter of the book feels rushed and I felt like I was watching an episode of Scooby Doo. :(. I don't care if things are a bit predictable just entertain me on the road to the end.

I'll read the next one because this one just seems like it should have been the first half of the book and perhaps certain thing should have been rearranged.

At this point I would almost say that Neill goes out of her way to make a lot of supposedly loveable members of Merit's circle seem like assholes, meanwhile, some of the enemies seem more charming.

I was upset that we didn't find out wtf Tate is. Hint, Hint, Hint cliffhanger it will probably be revealed in the next book I suppose.

Agreed with other reviewers, McKetrick should be dead by now and his role at the end, ridiculous. An enemy has to keep on keeping on with the agenda though right?

I feel bad for Jonah. I grieved for Ethan ever since the last book WHY WHY WHY, but I also thought that in some ways it made sense overall. Ethan was her teacher. Now I feel like this was a very weak resurrection leading into the next caper for the next book.

This was the worst book in the entire series, but it wasn't bad. I will continue reading this until the world's paranormal community decides to chill and let Merit eat some greasy food and drink a beer.