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The Iron Admiral: Deception - Greta van der Rol This is really the second half of the first book IMO.

Yeah, Chaka Saahren is one sexy man. He's a good mixture of hardcore military leader + inexperienced love puppy. I'm sure he's written like such a love puppy to charm us readers but it is slightly effective. I can buy that a man of his station has avoided a bunch of drama from casual sex and therefore is inexperienced in the relationship department.

Good Stuff: Chaka Saahren

Bad Stuff: The heroine, Allysha, I wanted to slap her face numerous times during this book. She's an idiot.

Greta van der Rol does an excellent job of teaching us that Sean, Allysha's ex husband is quintessential loser material. I definitely wondered how he managed to survive to adulthood given his proclivities.

This part wasn't as good as the first "part" but I still enjoyed it. Prepared to be frustrated by Allysha's complete inability to realize she has a Grade A prime man in love with her. Prepare to be frustrated that she refuses to see that he's better than anyone else in her life to her!!!!!