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Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #1) - Lara Adrian MEH.

I read this two years ago..I cannot believe I gave it a Mulligan. Amazon has been pushing this series on me every single time I sign in and troll for new Kindle books and I wanted to reread this one to make sure I hadn't just dismissed something that could be a fun series to delve into. Nope. This book was a pile of MEH.

I rarely re read a book. I hate doing it and the book must be truly information dense that I want to make sure I glean everything and or highly supremely entertaining and meaningful for me. Suffice it to say I feel I gave this book undeserved attention as my time is priceless to me as a mother of three. I look to my books these days to give me escapism, titillation, sometimes a venue for meandering thoughts about the human condition or even just What What I Would Do. This book does not fulfill any of my requirements. It goes through the motions like a boring boyfriend patting your ass and saying "mmhmm lets have sex it's Thursday" BLAH. I am already married give me some excitement, I know quite how to bore myself to death easily watching my husband read the newspaper.

Oh- I suppose I should tell any interested parties what you're dealing with here. Cardboard cutouts.
Woman who doesn't know she's epic and part of a secret race, check.
Man who can't be with perfect new found woman because of his commitment to his people/goal, check.
Woman has heart of gold, check.
Man refuses to realize he's in love, check.
Special skills and special fights, check.

Ice cream is more fun. Go smoke a joint it will be more fun. Don't bother here.