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One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire Well then.

I need to take a class on how to write a review without any spoilers because I want to really dump my thoughts on this one.

My disorganized thoughts:

I think that McGuire gave Connor short shrift this entire series. Most readers don't enjoy him and it's obvious from five miles away why that is- [MAJOR SPOILER, do NOT PROCEED UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO RUIN A BOOK YOU HAVEN'T READ YET] since she only ever intended to kill him off. That isn't really fair considering as a character he had a right to be a fully fledged and expressed character as well and has accompanied us readers for five whole books I think? That's damned lame. I honestly think that McGuire didn't spend energy fleshing him out because she always knew he was going to die and he wasn't going to be "The One". I didn't want him to be The One for October, fine, but why bother with a lukewarm affair? I will be kind and say, if I were October, I suppose after all of the adventure and almost deaths I would want a comfortable affair and a warm body in my bed too, ok ok, I can accept that. McGuire saves all of her good movies for Tybalt. Yes I want more Tybalt, I want MORE. You do not get it in this book- not even a scant amount. You get almost started conversations an intermittent gratification until 2012. Meaning- you'll want something to happen and it just will not so just relax and take a Xanax and read another book that has a HEA or HFN to suit you.

With that said- I still enjoyed the book. All of those above things are major strikes against the series I think but I still manage to want to read the next book. I enjoy the world McGuire creates and I love all of the details and magic. I never feel overwhelmed by the world building but perhaps I wish I had a cheat sheet with October's family tree :p to remember exactly who's who but other than that it's decently presented.

I think that the major positives for this book and series is that McGuire makes October a truly flawed and realistic person emotionally. Sometimes this can go overboard with her level of crankiness and desire for sleep and coffee, but emotionally, I think October is authentic.

I enjoyed this book in a four star way but it will cause many more hardened readers some amount of frustration. I am very forgiving provided I find the world inside a book entertaining, or compelling or delightful or desire more of it which I do in this case. Also I'm a gambler and a sucker because I'll brave a whole series for the LI to redeem all of it's middling qualities and ameliorate any nagging quibbles for me. In that way I'm almost like a lot of the TSTL heroines in these books lol :p.