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The Soulkeepers (The Soulkeepers, #1) - G.P. Ching This was an interesting read and definitely out of my normal genre zone (as in, I usually don't dive into a pile of YA).

Jacob Lau is an intelligent teenage boy from Hawaii with a chip on his shoulder for understandable reasons. His father died in the war and his mother has gone missing with few real answers or leads from the police. He was present at his mother's disappearance but can only remember fantastic details that the doctors dismiss as faulty traumatized memory and his estranged and unknown uncle and family take him under their wings in a dreary beyond dreary tiny North Eastern town.

Experienced readers will find it easy to predict the events in this book but it was still a worthwhile read. Jacob does develop throughout the book as things get stranger and stranger. His relationship with his own relatives and the town provide no warmth and the feeling I had during this entire book was of his intense isolation.

-I love the angels and the back story of the supernaturals (which isn't heavy duty- which may not satisfy some people wanting something far more in depth and descriptive and heavy with history and lore).

-Although I liked and appreciated that Jacob's uncle seemed genuine in his affection for his nephew I almost felt like his "tone" as a character didn't quite ring authentic to me. I am happy that Jacob has someone in his corner however.

-I absolutely love Dr. Silva.

-There is romance in this book but lets just say the main romance is very YA and extremely appropriate for Jacob's age lol and the other love in this story is what really made me appreciate the book truthfully.

This is a simple, easy read. In fact this could be a decent teenage horror film.