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Shadow Heir - Richelle Mead I have reduced my rating on this as I just discovered this is the last of this series and the ending alone on this book and this series- is enough to make most fans tear their hair out and scream in unison.

Oh Eugenie!
I understand you, Eugenie, but the way your story closed in this book, I can see you will live a life full and abundant with regret.
Mead knows how to write people with flaws, she gets an A+ in that category. As others have mentioned she probably needs to reel in on the stupid decisions. But in her defense- the most intelligent people make absolutely stupid choices and decisions daily. When it's your life and you're in the middle of a war and a blight and you have to protect your entire kingdom...well, none of us have to live in that kind of pressure cooker. It's easy to sit in our armchairs and rant about how a character should have seen that coming!

R. Mead is Queen of writing several LI's that polarize you, make you swoon or groan in disgust. Personally- a lot of times I swoon- quite liberally and often when reading about Dorian. He is otherworldly, absurd, egotistical, sly, uber handsome, elegant, regal, manipulative- but staunchly loyal in his own ways. I can admit that I don't really want nor do I ever "connect" with very normal LI's, I don't even mind if they're a little crazy. Dorian is my favorite in this series. About 2/3rds into this book I felt like I was hanging on every word for more Dorian but Mead definitely delivers the goods in many various ways.

Every time I read a Mead book I feel like I'm going out on a date and I'm the dude- just waiting with baited breath for my chick to tell me "lets go to your place". She manages to make me crawl after the HEA for several books. I'm just hooked into this roller coaster drama machine.

In a nutshell this installment sees Eugenie's struggle with her pregnancy with twins and the drama of being the centerpiece of dire prophesy and Gentry politics. She makes difficult decisions and encounters her enemies at every turn.

I found this highly enjoyable, maddening (as with all R. Mead books, no?), totally addictive, stayed up all night to read the bulk of it.

There are twists and turns, things you may have hoped for. I got some of those secret wishes to come true reading this BUT


Every time the arch enemy of this installment said enchantment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88JoB2OatVg..just...lol :p.