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Son of the Shadows  - Juliet Marillier I should of named myself "sucky reviews" on GR but I'm vain enough to not want to be known as that lol. When writing a review, I am at a loss if the book is amazing. If I'm reading a series and mowing through it because it is so good it's hard for me to stop and write a review because I just want to keep on reading to the very end.

This series keeps me going because of Marillier's writing. She doesn't use cheap tricks to urge readers on with severe cliff hangers. She keeps me reading because I want to read more of her writing and I want to read everything in the Sevenwaters series and know anything about it. This is great writing in my opinion. I want more so I will read more and probably every book she's ever written!
(Little Disclaimer: I do still continue to read series that cheaply goad you on to the next book, I recognize them for what they are.)
I highlighted a lot of passages in my Kindle version but I'm not going to insert them in the review because they all contain weighty spoilers, but they are my favorite scenes and moments from this book and there are plenty.

So, the story: This is the second book and you will see characters you loved from Daughter of the Forest and they are well integrated into the story. In fact this is one of the greatest things of this series: I usually do NOT want to read about the kids from the first couple or the other members of the crew, but Marillier manages to pull you in and you find yourself plunged back in Sevenwaters and falling in love with the newer characters as well as finding out how the old saga continues. It never feels too contrived to me- it feels a seamless addition to the story that is essential. How rare is this? To read the second part of the series and feel like you are reading this because the story hasn't ended yet and you must continue on. It's been rare for me! So that made me love the book all the more.
The lore- the central family in Sevenwaters are known for story telling and practice storytelling as a regular event for the evening. I enjoyed the storytelling throughout the book. The Fae in this series are more remote acting. While the Fae have some visits with characters they aren't interactive in the sense that they are the love interests for example (a lot of more current books utilize the Fae as love interests and as fully acting characters, so just want to warn all of you Fae fangirls you're not going to get that here). The Fae are utilized in a more traditional manner and it's nicely done.
I loved all of the characters, I loved their interactions. I do remember thinking (I finished this sometime in the middle of the night in bed) when the book ended..that's it? It wasn't a horrible ending. I'm starting to realize that the ending is possibly the most difficult thing to write in a book. The ending was just a little bit abrupt but I'm not taking any stars off of this review because it wasn't the kind of ending that makes you freak out with disappointment and or your hands start shaking like a crack addict for the next book and forces you to think Must Have The Next Book Now like a junkie.
I love these characters and will be reading the next one soon so I can see how this all wraps up.

Bottom line:
I loved the characters, I enjoyed the story immensely and it was beautifully written.