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Shara's Challenge - Lorie O'Clare Ladies and gents, if you're the kind that prefers subtle winsome romance whispered in your ears do NOT read this book.
(This is second book and the end of this series I believe.)

If you're like me and you enjoy tension between a dominant and a bad submissive, well, welcome to the club. Our heroine isn't really a submissive and that's what I enjoy. Shara is the leader of her segment of Undrworld (that's not a typo, that's the special spelling for their realm beneath the crust of the Earth). As with all leaders in Undrworld she has fought her way up to the top with her undying devotion to her people and leadershipness. The first 50% of the book was almost frustrating, annoying, but decently written with moments of true sexiness.
Romaire is a massively built, intense dominating man slut. He is also Shara's First Commander. Basically, his reputation is one of taking a woman to her limits and and wringing each of his conquests to the penultimate carnal glory. Shara is professional, aloof and chaste to all that know her, but she tends to go hang out in sex clubs in the slums in disguise and participates in threesomes to get off. Romaire sees her and the erotic battle of the wills ensues.

The biggest issue here is that O'Clare seems to want to tell a story but seems to want this to be erotica. Both can exist in one book I think- they are not mutually exclusive but this is where O'Clare loses her way. This is the greatest downfall in my opinion, you will arrive to station HEA and then wonder..huh, wasn't there a world crisis? Didn't Romaire and Shara have issues to resolve? They did and they do. I do not feel like the plot/political aspects of the story were fully developed.

Also I feel like there were missed opportunities with some of the side characters. Shara's personal assistant, Jain, piqued my interest. Probably because she was painted as such as a dedicated side kick, always at her duties, always tactful, graceful, watchful and silent and tremulous. Jain would be a great third book if O'Clare even bothered.

I enjoyed this, if you can get through the first half of the book (which isn't bad it's just a bit frustrating) and enjoy erotica with a sci fi touch you will like this.