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The Deepest Cut (MacKinnon Curse #1) - J.A. Templeton This book started somewhat strong and ended with a WTF.

Riley, her younger brother, and Father make a move to Scotland. Mother has just died in a tragic car accident and Riley is the survivor. Riley can see spirits in the world now and she tries desperately to hide all signs of her ability since she's been treated like a mental patient since revealing this.

The Characters:
The relationship between Riley and her brother, Shane, is the high point. What I mean by this is that: it's the most realistic relationship and the only relationship that is fully fleshed out compared to the others. The other relationships that are somewhat unbelievable or just barely there include: the father who only appears to say a few fatherly things and then disappears for business, teenage peers that seem contrived and not worthy of much friendship, a grandmotherly housekeeper and her friend that have all the answers, and finally but not least her love interest and the "Hero" Ian.
Ian is a Mary Sue. Riley is a Mary Sue.

You get an HEA that has not been earned or really built toward properly. There are a few scarier moments earlier in the book and then the whole ghosts are creepy/scary just fizzles out by the halfway point because you're rolling your eyes about various things. Like how it's Scotland but it might as well be happening in your own neighborhood. Except that there is an ancient castle next door. That's about one of the few things that makes the setting seem "Scottish".

The cliffhanger ending- wtf. I am glad I'm not so intrigued and I don't care because it was a really B Teen movie cliff hanger.

This isn't my cup of tea, but some YA addicts out there will love this story.

I'm unbelievably exhausted right now so maybe when I've had some decent sleep I'll edit this later..but this will have to do for now.