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Warrior (The Blades of the Rose, #1) - Zoe Archer I hate the GR star system! I wanted to give this 3.75 or something.

Book 1 of the The Blades of the Rose series, you meet Gabriel Huntley, the hero and love interest. He's tall, handsome, gruff and delicious. He is the consummate soldier and asset when traipsing through the desolate steppes and deserts of Mongolia and China.
Thalia Burgess is the heroine and she is knowledgeable, humble, hard working, and scrappy.
I enjoyed this book- and while I didn't feel spurred on to read the book in one sitting if at all humanly possible I did look forward to the conclusion and the battles. I'd describe this book as a summer block buster kind of movie like The Mummy or yes, Indiana Jones.
Bravo to Archer for not writing a stupid cliff hanger!

The relationship between Huntley and Burgess is believable and developed wonderfully. I will definitely finish the series and I've heard the next couple of books are even better.