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Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1) - Ann Aguirre This entire review is one big spoiler fest you have been warned!

The first time I read this book I walked away shaking my head. Not with disappointment but rather with fangirl afterglow. First I have to confess that I adore science fiction and I'm in love with love descriptionand I also love action films and science fiction films..and science fiction video games. Yes! This book has almost everything I want.
The first chapter reminds me of some of my favorite science fiction scenes and even my favorite times in sci fi games. March busts into Jax’s prison in space and saves her from the never ending loop of mental torture the Farwan Corporation is dishing out. Creepy sociopathic “psychologists” are putting her through torture dream therapy and making her relive the death of her lover and the tragic crash of the spaceship she navigated. Jax is a jumper – which in this universe means she is the navigator. She immerses herself into the otherness that is grimspace image
while being telepathically linked to her pilot. Kai, the love of her life and pilot died in this crash and she’s at the worst point of her life.
There's nothing here I want. All my personal effects burned up on Matins IV, and so I'm ready to follow this guy into the unknown, trusting wherever he's taking me is better than where I am. That's a hell of a hope to pin on a stranger.

Aguirre, Ann (2008-02-26). Grimspace (Jax) (Kindle Location 262). Ace. Kindle Edition.

She is the sole survivor and mourning his death. March, terse, well dressed rigs the room AI and hustles her off station with a bit of fighting. Jax ends up joining his crew on Svetlana’s Folly and the journey begins.

Some people have complained in eloquent style that March is the broodiest most stoic bitch you’ll ever encounter with his lack of dialogue and attitude but I never had an issue with this. March and Jax are both tortured angsty individuals with a whole hell of a lot of baggage and given the burdens of their combined pasts you get a romance that reads authentic.
The pace is quick and it is chockfull of action and yes Jax spends a lot of time voicing her inner turmoil. But then- I’d expect that given she’s gone from being a spoiled princess in her former capacity as an infamous navstar to a fugitive on the run from the grey men. She was being tortured in her prison facility and brainwashed into thinking she was the cause of the crash- most people would have a difficult time recovering from that.

My one major issue with Grimspace is the way Aguirre wants Jax to look:

My whole body’s webbed with faint purple burn scars, souvenirs of the crash, so if he has any sense, he’ll look away. But he doesn’t. He just stares, eyes on mine. I don’t trust him, and he doesn’t seem to like me, so we make a perfect match.

Aguirre, Ann (2008-02-26). Grimspace (Jax) (Kindle Locations 276-278). Ace. Kindle Edition.


scrappy, striking looking and heavily scarred and gaunt. In my mind- she’s far more beautiful but this is my own defect as a reader- I prefer my gaming characters and the characters I read in books to be beautiful.

I enjoyed the whole ride to the end. I have read almost the entire series and this is my second reading because I want to refresh my memory for the latest releases.

And because I'm tipsy on a bit of wine and created a whole entire playlist for this series. I'm adding a fifth star