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The Dark Fae: The World of Fae - Terry Spear 2 Stars on Goodreads= it was ok, and that is what this book was.

This plot held some promise but much of that was wasted. I purchased this for the Kindle for $2.99 I think, I was looking for a quick good read with romance and Fae elements.

So you'll get the Fae in this novella (I suppose this is a novella because it's 149 pages, not sure) and you'll get an HEA and that's about it.

My gripes:

- Alicia seemed to accept the Fae and her circumstances too easily. In the beginning you realize that she was raised knowing that the Fae existed because of her father's notes, but then, when she ends up being inevitably involved in the Fae realm, I find that she's too accepting of certain developments of course. If it's a novella I'll grant that things need to move more rapidly but I don't think you should write a novella if you must sacrifice the quality of the story, no?

- When Deveron makes the turn to protect and ally himself with Alicia it seems too quick, too easy, but I'm not going to say it's completely unbelievable it just seems toooo easy.

- Dialogue, Alicia is supposed to be a mortal girl, 17, vacationing on South Padre Island in Texas. Ok, firstly, I live in Houston- I've been there and I know that place well. Secondly 17 year olds don't go on vacations alone (mine won't!) and thirdly they do not speak like they just walked off a Shakespeare set practically. A 17 year old girl in Texas will probably speak using at least contractions.

Anyway other than those things, this was a decent fun read. My favorite part are her shenanigans during the middle of the story, too bad the author didn't keep up the mojo.