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Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan I'd call this book a cyberpunk noir. I'm not going to bother summarizing the story since you've seen it in the book description and in all the other reviews.

I didn't know this was Morgan's first novel but now that I do, yes, of course I'm impressed. This was smartly written and tight. I thought it was the perfect marriage of introspection and action. It kept me guessing to the end which is rare for me.

Have to admit I think I enjoyed this book for my own fairly eccentric reasons:
- The Hendrix: I love AI and the Hendrix character always left me wanting to see more of it lol.
- There is some romance to the story but it isn't lace and pretty words. Morgan writes Kovacs true and I feel that he made me ache with him and that is more than a lot of authors can do!
- I liked and thoroughly enjoyed the world building/history/past of Kovacs through the passages of Quell and his own memory.

If there are any more books and this is a series (I haven't checked) I will gobble them up like Halloween candy.