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Nightshifted  - Cassie Alexander I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Alexander creates a universe that is dark yet everyday. Edie has some problems most people can't relate to but can empathize with (her druggie older brother) and other problems that make her a more fleshed out human character. She's down on her luck throughout this whole book, struggling to find a way to escape the Vampire justice hunting her down.

The Good:
-Edie: She's believable, she's a decent person who does what she needs to do to get by. Her decent streak is what gets her into trouble, yet she's human enough to understand that no good deed goes unpunished. It's refreshing to meet a heroine that walks this balance without 1) being ultra unbelievable badass and knows fifteen kinds of martial arts, 2) isn't a disgusting wimp that allows everyone and everything and all events to steamroll over her. So that is SERIOUSLY GOOD about Edie, this is very hard to find in the UF world. And she's not whiny! Hooray for that.
-Asher: and
the moment Edie has her little air it out with him on the train (I think it was the train?). His reason- I really relish it. If you read this book you'll perhaps think that it's bizarre that I'm pointing this moment out as a "good thing" but I enjoyed how it slashed through his perfect paranormal boyfriend aura. Now given this, I PREFER Asher over Ti. Yep.
-The Vampires: I like beautiful sexy vampires as much as the next PNR/UF junkie, but really, sometimes that gets really boring and old. If you're sick of saccharine vampires that want to be your fairy godmother cum boyfriend future husband this will be a satisfying book to you. The vampires are scary crazy beasts with good clothes.

The Bad:
-Ti: who happens to be Edie's LI. Well, I for one had a hard time really enjoying him. When he arrives on the scene every woman reading will perk up a bit and nod to herself "here's the dude!". Then- blah, BLAH, and EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Also, I agree with other readers that his character seemed to morph from Mr. Goodguy, to huh, well, uh, no thanks buddy territory by the end of the book. At least to me!

The Ugly: (it's not so ugly actually)
I think Ti is pretty much the ugly in this book. Which means the book overall was highly entertaining and fun. I stayed up all night to finish this book because I just had to finish it. I listened to Mr. Meeble's "Nostalgia Now" EP. It was the perfect compliment to this.

I am putting the next in the series on my TBR on my "Can't Freaking Wait" shelf.