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Bear Necessities - Dana Marie Bell OK so this book was just "ok". I had issues with the writing/pacing. Firstly I disliked the names- which shouldn't be a deal breaker for a book really but they just irked the hell out of me. Bunny, Tabby, Cyn, and Glory are the worst offenders for me name wise. But hey, to each their own, perhaps you'll read this and love the names and it won't dig under your skin like it did me. More power to you.
Tabby is an outcast wolf shifter who craves real asylum, comfort and home. She lives in a small community and has integrated smoothly with the Puma shifter clan well enough and they have accepted her. Bunny is a grizzly shifter who happens to ride into town with his cousin (IIRC) on his Harley and just feels the urge to explore and ends up catching a whiff of his mate, Tabby, in the local tattoo shop. After that initial meeting some violence happens, whodunnit occurs, many less than stellar conversations and just blech. Sex happens yeah, it's mildly amusing.

So I didn't really like it. I'll read the next one just because I have it. If the first few chapters bothered me like this book I will just quit and move on :.