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Shield - C.L. Scholey This is surprisingly good! I think I need to amend my profile to state that I clearly love the dollar store for strange stuff, wacky stuff, cheesy stuff, and futuristic romance.

Generally speaking it seems to me that if you read "erotica" you will have to contend with far less character development than straight up "romance". I've seen people lambaste this book because it has less character development than wished for and I'd agree. But I still managed to enjoy it.

The Good:
- Rask and his fellow Castians are completely naive about sex and this is hilarious and funny to me. Scholey did manage to write a harrowing yet hilarious first meeting between Rask and Grace that I found enjoyable.
- The reason for fleeing Earth while questionable (in terms of why the apocalypse is actually happening) was well written and I think realistic. Certainly dangerous, gritty, depressing.
-Rask is SWEET. Oh yes, he's just..sweet. While you are not going to get epic development of the characters here, you *will* get a nice sense of Rask and his sweetness and caring.

My argument: People have griped that the women are just one dimensional, well ok, perhaps. Perhaps! But when I think about it? I'd say if I left Earth the way Grace does- would I want an absolutely astonishingly handsome faithful hunk whose only care is to protect me and care for who CANNOT LIE? I'll take it. Yes! Sign me up. Whatever, this is the fantasy aspect to satisfy us female readers. This cover is ultra cheese ( I do not like the cover but I won't subtract for it!) the story is ultra cheese. I like cheese sometimes! Ok, I like cheese a lot, this isn't Parmesan Reggiano - it's ooey gooey freaking smoked Cheddar melted on your homemade mac & cheese. Rask is going to protect you, he's going to learn how to ..you know..be a man from YOU, er Grace. Plus he'll give you an extra 900+ years on your lifespan. What's not to like? Plus he's fertile unlike a vampire. Yeah. He has fangs but they are just scary and fun fangs.

The Bad:
So human men are bad okay? I do not know why this has to be. We do see some spark of decency in at least ONE human male in this story, but it seems to be a token good human man moment. I really hate contrasting fake sexy alien men with huge but gentle walking boners with evil human men. I know it's totally stupid of me but it lessens my enjoyment of the story. It's a common thing for a writer to make someone else the villain so the heroine leans toward the intended hero, but most of the time this is just ultra lazy plotting IMO.

Also this book has some info dumps disguised as conversations lol. Well they would be honest and necessary questions for Grace, indeed, but those put off by info dumps will roll their eyes. I didn't find it heavy duty but it does slow the story down and isn't entirely graceful.

I agree with others, the last half of the book seems more rushed and less considered by the author and a rush to the HEA or HFN.

Read this if you like your HFN, HEA's, alien sex, aliens who happen to look like humans magnified and with all the best traits of your human female preferences.

All in all, I'm going to get the next book and read it tonight- so yeah I really liked this. These Castians are adorable and if I have to leave Earth because of the apocalypse I'd gladly accept one.