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Sun God Seeks…Surrogate? - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff I really enjoyed this book!

One of the major issues readers will have with this series in general is that sometimes Ms. Pamfiloff doesn't know when to stop regarding cutesy internal dialogue or jokey explanations. That said, this book and the books in the series had me laughing. If you can get through this without being overly annoyed with the perpetual Penelope soliloquys (ugh and how do you pluralize soliloquy? I don't even know) in her own head you will enjoy this.

This book is about Penelope and Kinich. Kinich thinks Payals and really any non God race should not procreate with the 14 gods. Apparently Kinich is the Sun God and the leader of the Gods and he has an agenda to ensure that his perspective that Gods procreating is bad mojo is officially instituted among his brethren. Meanwhile- Cimil, in her mostly entertaining ways (she's an almost Nyx knockoff from the Kresely Cole series IMO, but I loved the irreverence of the Valkries in that series and generally enjoy that attitude in characters so I do not care!) gets her hands dirty all over the place to steer events of the world and lives toward an unknowable goal. This includes setting Penelope up with Kinich with a few strange rules and an offer Penelope can scarcely refuse. Penelope is taking care of her incredibly sick mother and is under financial life draining strain to do it all by herself.

This installment of the series has fun twists and turns IMO if abruptly introduced. I loved the interactions of the Gods and the summits. I really enjoyed the introduction of Zac and I think he will figure largely in the next book. Although I will say that Zac's interactions with Penelope is blatantly suspect and makes me wonder if he's truly on the good guy team. I hope he is because he sounds vaguely like a sexy dreamboat of a God and I'll gladly read his romance later in the series if it's going to happen!

This ends on a cliff hanger dammit! I can handle that if the next book is coming out soon. I'll keep telling myself that so I don't fume. I'll be happier if the next book really wraps this Apocolypse up and I loved the ending otherwise.

This will be great for fans of PNR looking for another different series. Also if you like super huge men with super huge fun manly accessories you will enjoy this series. New races are introduced in this one and YAY for that! So far no shifters (thank god, I mean, enough with the blue collar motorcyle driving holey jean hairy alphas thank you!) but several vampires, Gods, Payals (offspring of humans+Gods), a new paranormal that I will not mention bc it's a major spoiler but I LOVED it, and according to Cimil, unicorns, leprechauns, and of course the evil Mayan priests.

I'll be getting the next one as soon as it hits Amazon.