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Ashes of Honor (October Daye, #6) - Seanan McGuire I'm too tired to review this, I have to make dinner, I have to dye my hair, I have to do some straightening up before my husband gets home, and I have to force my 11 year old to do his homework. Convincing my son to do his homework is more like a job for a prison warden, but alas, I have to do it w/out that proper training. So what I'm saying is: this book was pretty awesome. I liked it. I don't know wholly how I feel about it. I do have a major gripe. I feel like I have to say, well I pretty much always do except when I'm being a fan girl. I do love this series! McGuire is a fabulous writer for many reasons. I just think she needs to stop using the kidnapping plot. Yes, please, McGuire, stop it, find some other compelling reason for adventure. Until I can suss up the proper energy, go READ THIS if you're a fan! It's a no brainer, it's a must, you need to and it is GREAT. It's just as human as Toby is.