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Eden - Louise Wise Firstly, the information blurby thing that provides the reader with some indication about what this book is about is scant. I got this for my Kindle after trawling through pages and pages of recommends off of my trashy reading habits and this little gem popped up. All sci fi? Some romance?- I wondered. Either way the other reviews on Amazon piqued my interest.

[For those interested this is Prime eligible on Amazon]

I would NOT categorize this a futuristic science fiction romance, people. Is there a relationship? Uh yes, there are relationships. I don't really know how to articulate what necessarily makes this LESS a futuristic "romance" vs straight up sci fi but my gut instinct tells me that some women will find this book borderline horrible, more males that like sci fi and don't mind an actual relationship happening provided it isn't bodice ripper wtfuckery will find this book has enough of a more realistic sci fi feel that they might prefer. Yes, I said "realistic"- I mean that there isn't an "aliens needs woman" trope going in here, the males in the story are not provided for the sole satisfaction of floating us women down the river of relationship fantasy. These characters are being shown to us ugly violent warts and all. No lace here, no princesses from a far galaxy. I just don't want to mislead you- ye space erotica or futuristic romance fans ok?

This is a story about survival. Normally I despise anything that focuses on crazy depressing elements but sometimes a story can keep you wondering what happens next and how the hell your protagonist is going to keep going on and you cannot put it down. I felt this way reading this. This would probably make a really great sci fi flick (better than Prometheus for SURE lol).

We have Jennifer, our protagonist, and her two crew members; Matt and Bodie. Jennifer is a high achieving do gooder who wants to prove to the world that she can do anything her star astronaut father did and do it better. Matt is just a major prick. You'll agree with me I think..well mostly. While Matt is a man you would want to slap a few times for good measure every time he opens his mouth- he does have very valid reasons for at least resenting certain things that do happen. I'll give him that. Yeah Matt, I can see why you're pissed. But after that Matt? Grow up and everything you do in this book practically makes me wonder how you ever ever got past psychological screening for any space endeavor through a governmental agency. Bodie is Jennifer's uncle. All of these people have their good points and extremely grand flaws. Jennifer is the most likeable of the three crew members but I will be honest despite my love for this tale- my gripe on Jennifer is that she will mention a few times how she's known for being some apparently hard core bitch back home on Earth because she's just so Alpha at her job. I can see how being stranded on an alien hostile world would reduce a normal human to almost idiocy. Even stellar people like astronauts probably would have issues too when experiencing a castaway situation like this. But I didn't see this whatsoever in her character as she struggles on Eden (her supposed driven Alpha-ness). So that was incongruent in my opinion.

Then you have Fly. You'll meet Fly. I don't think I should say anything else about him. He's....interesting. Read all about him.

Anyway - my mind is meandering like crazy so I'll wrap this up and say this is a quick read and it's a good tale.

I gave it five stars because I enjoyed this immensely and found this refreshing. Wise does not take the easy way out with the relationships in this book (mostly) and I appreciated reading that.