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Blood Bonds (City of Dragons, #1) - Adrienne Wilder I had a hard time giving this only 4 stars! This book was far better than I expected it to be.

The things I loved:

1- World building was excellent in my opinion. Wilder doesn't give you infodump after infodump and you just learn things along the way and this is the way I prefer it.
2- Her Dragons are different- interesting- horrific, sexual and man eating.
3- In this universe the Female Dragons..or Kin are the dominant. That in itself is unusual to run across unless you're looking at specific erotica categories.
4- I believe this is firmly in UF land vs PNR. While there IS love in this book and it is a fine beautiful thing- it doesn't seem to be the overriding factor? I am questioning myself because perhaps other people will think I'm wrong. I don't know- it felt really very balanced to me. Usually PNR just sees the romance as the journey and the destination versus truly being interweaved into a more in depth plot.
5- The characters. I really enjoyed all of the characters!

The reason why I took off a star:

I'm very picky about endings! If an ending destroys everything I will rate badly. The ending of this book is great- the ONLY real issue I had with this book is that there are what I see as major plot items that were left unanswered by the end. I could include my list of those things, but then I'd have to spoiler tag those..if you TRULY want to know you can always PM me :).

I am reading the second one now!