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Then Came You (Gamblers, #1) - Lisa Kleypas 4.5 STARS!

This is a great book for Historical Romance lovers. I'm not a huge HR fan- I just read one now and again and try to find the cream of the crop when I do bother. It isn't the bread and butter of my entertainment fluff reading- but this book was FANTASTIC. Made me cry my head off at 92%- and I read this within a day.

The Great: I cared about the characters and I got sucked into the world quickly. The situations while not incredibly original were refreshing enough and the relationships rich enough to make you more invested in what happens. Loved both Alex AND Lily.

The Bad: Not much- can't think of anything much at all. Perhaps you could accuse both main characters of being remarkably Mary Sue underneath their veneer of "whorish gaming woman" and "cold ass bitter aristocrat man". That's about it and you would have to be in an ultra bitchy reading mood to feel that irked by this.