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The Phantom King  - Heather Killough-Walden FINALLY. A book that delivers..for me at least. 4.5 stars. I never do whole numbers yo!

I've read a lot of Killough-Walden's books (isn't that a mouthful? from here on out she's going to be KW k?) and I've always appreciated her imagination and relatively sparse writing style and her reinvention of certain elements (for example her Neverland series..made me love the Peter Pan universe like I never had before, truly, it isn't for kids!).

I think the KW is obsessed with motorcycles. She has them in almost every single book. I love motorcycles myself and if I weren't such a clutz I would have one but my husband guilt trips me every time I try to bring it up...but yeah lots of motorcycles in this book. In fact she mentions the Dodge Tomahawk and Siobhan is a bit wrong about that one..the Dodge T hasn't reached speeds of up to 350 mph. No one has ever tried to even do that only 100 mph so far..thanks Wikipedia!


This book is the second installment of the King series and it covers Siobhan, a lovely gentle spirited warlock who refuses to use her dark powers against another. Thanatos, the Phantom King, in his ultra phantomness is tending to his lonely and eternal job of accepting anguished souls in Purgatory when one arrives and then inconceivably decides -nevermind I'm out of here, I'm going back to the mortal realm see you! And then the chase is on as Thane pursues the escaped soul and meets Siobhan in the process.

I liked how KW interspersed some scenes of the other groups of supernaturals and one of my most favorite things ever- which is GODS- a God shows up and that set my interest on fire. I won't name names in an effort to avoid spoilers. I have a penchant for Gods visiting the mortal realm and if anything "Gods" are interwoven into a plot it is a great pleasure for me to read.

This universe is packed with supernaturals, a council of Kings that oversee their populations, and laws. If you're looking for something a little more interesting or refreshing for PNR I highly suggest this series. I enjoyed the first book (Vampire King) and this as well and I am going to continue to read the entire series in the next couple of days (I think there are only two more published so far and there are 13 Kings total).

This series also visits a few interesting realms such as the Astral Plane, Purgatory, and of course the normal mortal realm. I imagine more realms will be coming up in the series given the different Kings in the line up.

Why I really enjoyed this:

- Fun story
- God cameo, yay!
- Multiple Realms, hell yes!
- Normally not into this but Thanatos is covered in perpetually changing beautiful tattoos...nice.
- Thanatos is a brunette. LOL I love brunettes!

Yes I know I'm a dork and this series is fun for me. And KW writes EXCELLENT ENDINGS in my opinion. When I finished this..it felt finished and I felt ready for the next one not edgy and irritated that the author left things unfinished and unsatisfactory.